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Relaxing, regenerating and finding the balance between body and mind has never been easier. The ancient Finnish tradition comes to life in a Sauna signed Starpool. Not only the dry and intense heat of the Finnish sauna, inside the SPA you can be enveloped by the comfortable and serene atmosphere of the relaxation area. After the heat will not miss the regenerate effect of the cool on your skin that will give you a boost of energy.



A timeless dimension, made of silence, rest and health thanks to the warmth, the beneficial vapors and the essences of our I.CON. A suggestive setting: in clear days you can admire the enrosadira on the majestic Pale di San Martino comfortably sitting in the sauna or in the relaxation area, and on rainy days you can enjoy the warmth of the WOOD WELLNESS environments admiring the forest of Val Canali!


The Finnish sauna is the ideal cabin where to unwind, reduce stress, strengthen the airways, relax your muscles and oxygenate your tissues.
The dry and intense heat embraces mind and body, purifying and reinvigorating both. The temperature, which reaches 80-100°C, envelops the body in a regenerating embrace, while the wood conveys an intense and strong sensory experience. The humidity doesn’t normally exceed 10-20%, except when water is poured on the hot stones of the stove.  Balsamic essential oils, like pine or eucalyptus essence, are sometimes mixed with the water, as well as fresh essentials oils, like lemon and mint essence, in the warmest months of the year. What sensations does it offer? Sheer energy, intense and dry heat that pervades the body causing fast and deep perspiration.

The Finnish sauna has countless psycho-physical benefits:
– it reduces stress and anxiety
– it favours the elimination of metabolic waste and excess fluids
– it serves as actual passive cardiovascular training
– it favours the immune defence
– it stimulates tissue oxygenation
– it helps the regulation of blood pH, paramount to prevent infections
– it promotes muscle recovery
– it favours the drainage of excess lactate
– it stimulates the production of endorphins


What better reaction to a sauna session than a cold shower rolling in the snow?


Physical and mental relaxation is satisfied in a comfortable and serene environment. Our wellness philosophy is based on three pillars: heat, water and rest. This last phase is the perfect conclusion of every Wellness experience, its natural closure. An essential moment so that all the beneficial effects of the treatments can fully happen and become visible. It is only here that the body gets all its energy back and rebalances its physiological state.

To rehydrate the liquids lost in the sauna and a healthy snack await you in the relaxation area herbal tea and dried fruit.

Service provided by reservation and payment, for more detailed information contact the campsite


Camping Castelpietra - Trentino Dolomites

Enjoy your holiday in freedom in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Val Canali, Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino Natural Park.