Discover Val Canali in the heart of Primiero

one of the most beautiful alpine valleys

Val Canali is considered one of the most beautiful alpine valleys and represents the southern access to the Pale di San Martino group.
The same route, that leads to the entrance of the valley, is very suggestive because it passes under the ruins of the ancient Castel Pietra.

It is an extraordinary landscape characterized by the pastures of Piereni, located at over 1,200 m. on the western slope of the valley. Here the main economic activities are still agriculture and sheep farming.

The Canali peak, at sunset, turns into a jagged grey wall with rust-red streaks. The ruin of Castel Pietra watches over the entire valley. Built in the 13th century, the fortress has witnessed wars, revolts and sieges. The evocative atmosphere that surrounds it made it a popular place of attraction for travelers.



Living Primiero on a bike.

If you want to get to know and enjoy Trentino, inebriating yourself with its scents and enjoying its colours, among mountains, woods and breathtaking views, the Primiero Valley is the ideal place for you.

Perfect for lovers of two wheels, it offers many possibilities for those who want to live an active holiday on their bike.

In the heart of the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Natural Park, there are itineraries suitable for everyone, from an easy trip along the Primiero cycle path to more demanding excursions through the woods or exciting itineraries to be covered in one go.

Thanks to the bicibus service it will be possible to move quickly taking your own bicycles with you to reach directly the places from where you want to start. During the summer period, in fact, on the following round-trip routes served by Trentino Trasporti buses, bicycles with 7-seater racks will be transported



Primiero, of course, also knows how to meet the expectations of mountain bikers and the most adrenaline-pumping downhill enthusiasts.

If you are short of ideas, the Primiero bike school will offer you the opportunity to discover magnificent routes to experience. Guides are always available for day trips. Thanks to their knowledge of the area, they choose the most scenic trails, adapting the routes to your needs and abilities.

The San Martino Bike Arena is dedicated to those who cannot renounce to strong emotions. It is a route equipped with dedicated structures and footbridges, parabolic curves and trampolines to allow riders to perform jumps and acrobatics in front of the majestic spectacle of the Pale di San Martino.



Spring arrives, in the air you can smell the scent of flowers ready to open and the desire to be outdoors, in contact with nature, is stronger and stronger. And what better place to do it than Val Canali, a small pearl set in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Alone or in company, a regenerating run/walk in the middle of the greenery is always a great idea!

As far as the routes are concerned, you are spoilt for choice, and they allow you to get to know the Val Canali in all its facets.

We recommend a walk along the path of Le Muse Fedaie, an easy 3.5 km loop that winds through the green meadows of Villa Welsperg, home of the Natural Park Pneveggio-Pale di San Martino. The itinerary is a real journey into nature and its biodiversity in the company of the goddesses of Greek mythology.



The soul needs a balm and nothing is comparable to the silence of a walk in the middle of the forest that muffles any noise … and it is immediately peace. This is why Val Canali, considered one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, is a real paradise for hikers who can get lost in the green and get in complete symbiosis with nature.

We recommend two itineraries that will surely give you great emotions:

-Rifugio Treviso: leaving the campsite, go straight on towards the restaurant Cant del Gal, then take the road on the right and continue to the car park near Malga Canali (1300m). You proceed on foot along path n° 707 which leads to the refuge in 40 minutes of easy ascent in the woods.

-Rifugio Pradidali: starting from the campsite, go straight on to the parking lot of the hotel La Ritonda. From here you can start on foot, taking path n° 709 to the Pradidali refuge. It is a more demanding path, quite steep, lasting about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The effort will be rewarded by the incredible panorama that you can enjoy at the top, which will give you a taste of freedom and infinity.



Climbing is emotion, a challenge with oneself in which body and mind come into close contact with the wall, constantly relating to one’s limits and abilities. In a territory like this surrounded, by the majesty of the Pale di San Martino, within a Natural Park, you can certainly not give up this electrifying experience.

For those who want to explore the vie ferrate of the Pale di San Martino but do not have much experience of climbing and high mountain, we recommend contacting the Alpine Guides of San Martino di Castrozza and Primiero who will teach you how to deal with these beautiful “vertical paths” with maximum safety.



“There are places you don’t forget. They are places that have the breath of a timeless memory. Of endless beauty. The same memory and untouchable beauty of nature. The Pale di San Martino plateau is one of those places. There, in that high space of rocks and endless sky, the Dolomites show one of their most amazing faces.

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the thrill of the Palaronda Trek. Come and watch the sun rise on the peaks of the Pale di San Martino, every morning in a different Refuge.

You can choose to do the route in total autonomy or on request with the accompaniment of a guide, in the two variants:

-Soft: it includes a 4-day trek, with 3 nights in the refuges ROSETTA, PRADIDALI, CANALI-TREVISO. It is also suitable for families with children who like to walk and be in the midst of nature.

-Hard: it includes a 6-day route, with 5 nights in the refuges just mentioned, with the addition of overnight stays at ref. MULAZ and VELO DELLA MADONNA. For the more trained there is also the possibility to try the vie ferrate of this area. Definitely an unforgettable experience.



For those who love nature in its purest form, we have no doubt recommend the canyonig. An adrenaline-filled and exciting experience to discover a magical world of water and rock.

Thanks to the assistance of the Alpine Guides, everyone can descend safely along the Noana torrent and discover the wildest and most spectacular corners that would otherwise be inaccessible, swimming in crystal clear pools and letting themselves be carried away by the stream along natural slides.



With 5 different routes, equipped with 58 variations that give life to emotions with a high level of adrenaline, the Adventure Park Agility Forest is a pearl of our territory for those who love nature, sport and play.

The fun and educational itinerary winds its way through majestic examples of fir and offers the possibility, for adults and children, reckless or fearful, to try their hand at adventure trails differentiated by level of difficulty. Between Tibetan bridges, lianas, rope nets and pulleys, the routes stimulate concentration, balance, a sense of responsibility and attention to the environment and if faced together, they facilitate complicity between parents and children.

An experience faced in total safety that gives indescribable emotions. The use of sportswear and sneakers or trekking shoes is recommended.



Among the many opportunities offered by our territory, how not to mention archery: a sport made of strength, coordination and concentration that allows us to take a dip in the past.

For those who wish to try their hand at this activity, just a stone’s throw from the campsite, near Villa Welsperg, you will find a beautiful route with 24 3d pitches that winds for about 2.5 km with 100 meters of elevation gain presenting pitches not very long but quite technical.

The course is medium to difficult with exciting and realistic environments.



Our territory offers the ideal environment for lovers of horse riding: it offers the passage of the Horseback Trail of Eastern Trentino with selected structures to provide hospitality to visitors to the Horseback Trail, with a guarantee of quality and direct assistance for horses and riders.

There are no equestrian centers in the area, but for excursions on horseback and advice on routes to be covered can be contacted the Association Nature on Horseback, based in the Valley of Vanoi.



Keyword: learning while having fun.

Children are curious: they touch, observe and listen to everything. The idea of the educational farm is a fantastic opportunity to bring them closer to the reality of rural life through a warm and direct contact.



What could be more relaxing than fishing or walking in the green, among the sounds and scents of the woods, looking for some mushrooms? Here you will find ample space to give vent to your passion.

Just around the corner you will find on the one hand the enchanting Welsperg lake, where the magic and beauty of the Pale di San Martino are reflected, and on the other hand the Canali stream, which will surprise you with its incredible crystal clear waters.

Please respect the regulations and obtain a permit for collection and fishing.



Turn in the air like swallows, fly over the tops of trees and let yourself go to a deep feeling of freedom wrapped in the fascinating scenery of the Dolomites.

Intense emotions that only flight can give. Even in winter it is an excellent alternative to a day on the skis, to admire from above the snowy landscapes that shine in the sun.



In winter, when the snow arrives with its soft and white mantle, the landscape is shaped and becomes an enchanted world. The best way to discover its charm is to walk with snowshoes.

It is an activity that does not require special techniques. Slow and meditative walking, accompanied only by the crunch of fresh snow, allows an authentic fusion with the environment and a priceless feeling of relaxation.



With more than 60 km of slopes in a unique setting, the San Martino di Castrozza – Passo Rolle ski area is a paradise for skiers. You can choose tracks with different degrees of difficulty, both for beginners and experienced skiers.

Table and freestyle enthusiasts can try their hand at acrobatics and jumps on the beautiful structures of the San Martino Snowpark and the Rolle Railz Park.



Glacial emotions and a mountain of fun guaranteed for the whole family in the two school camps of Alpe Tognola and Nasse Park, both served by ski lifts, treadmills, baby areas with a playground on the snow, rubber dinghy areas, bobsleighs and sleds.

The slopes will give you fun downhill runs for the little ones and the opportunity to return children to the older ones!



Young and old have always liked skating. In Primiero you will find two solutions for having fun on ice with the whole family: one not far from the campsite, in Transacqua in Fossi and the other in San Martino di Castrozza in Pra delle Nasse.



For those who want to treat themselves to a little more cuddling, a moment of precious relaxation in a satisfying and relaxing place for the senses, they can count on the expert hands of the operators of one of the wellness centres in the valley, easily reachable in 10 minutes by car.



You won’t be bored, walking through the alleys of the small towns of the valley where you will breathe all the atmosphere of the alpine villages of the past, lulled in the ancient folk traditions.


You will discover shops with exquisite local gastronomic products, colourful craft shops, elegant trendy boutiques with a wide choice of clothing, accessories and shoes as well as ice cream parlours, pastry shops, cafés, pharmacies, newsagents, tobacconists… and everything you need.



The Primiero Valley, with its 5 small villages, is a mountain locality rich in history and ancient traces that can be found in the numerous churches, beautiful houses and palaces.

One of the cultural gems, is located just a breath from the campsite: on an inaccessible cliff stands the Castel Pietra, belonging to the family Welsperg who ruled for many centuries in Primiero.

There is also a rich programme of cultural and musical events, as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions.

An example? Don’t miss the exhibition “Cataste e Canzei”, with artistic installations that reinterpret the ancient rite of the stacking of wood, in Mezzano (municipality included in the club of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”).

Camping Castelpietra - Trentino Dolomites

Enjoy your holiday in freedom in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Val Canali, Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino Natural Park.