1/1/2019 to 31/12/2019


Exciting outdoor water activities to discover the most secret corners of Val Noana. Canyoning allows you to discover a new dimension of aquaticity, where the natural environment is among the most unreachable and hidden that you can imagine.

Canyoning is a sport that combines mountaineering with river sports. In practice, it involves descending alpine streams using mountaineering techniques and, where possible, swimming short distances, diving into deep pools or letting yourself be carried away by the flow of water in fun toboggans.


Course of approach to climbing, at the cliff of Castel Pietra.

Addressed to those who have curiosity about this sport.

Mountain biking and assisted cycling

Excursions with the fantastic electric bike accompanied by bike instructors.

Winter outings

In the winter period we suggest snowshoeing or in case of absence of snow on foot, always accompanied by the formidable Alpine Guides.

And much more….

In the summer period from July 2nd to September 8th, the proposed activities are included in the price (depending on the availability of places)!!!!

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