At the Theatre with Mom and Dad: “Ouverture des Saponettes”

9/11/2023 to 30/12/2023

on 30/12/2023 hours: 17:00Locality: Fiera di PrimieroPlace: Teatro dell’Oratorio di PieveAbstract: 22 Review

“Ouverture des Saponettes” – Michele Cafaggi – for everyone

By and with: Michele Cafaggi
Director: Davide Fossati

An eccentric conductor will take you to the fragile and round world of soap bubbles, for a “concert” where the unexpected is always lurking!

From strange instruments are born giant bubbles, bouncy bubbles, walking bubbles, clusters of bubbles.. A great classic, a show born in 2003, with more than a thousand replicas around the world.

Michele Cafaggi received the Franco Enriquez National Award 2016: “His theater and his bubbles full of poetry capture the eyes and hearts of adults and children, his shows, always refined, ecstatic, engaging, full of clowning, are the burp of a deep search and a maturity, mimic-acting, achieved. His art is available for beneficial events for children: we remember his work at the Fondazione Theodora Onlus, for which he plays the role of Dr. I dream at the pediatric wards, a great example of social and civil commitment”.

Admission: children €4,00 – adults €6,00

Fiera di Primiero, Teatro dell’Oratorio di Pieve, 17.00

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