Workshop of Botanical Watercolor

31/3/2023 to 28/5/2023

From 26/05/2023 To 28/05/2023
Locality: Val Canali / Passo Cereda
Location: Val Canali
Abstract: Painting the alpine flora – The meadows of Villa Welsperg
The meadows of Villa Welsperg – Painting the alpine flora

Workshop of botanical watercolor with Angela Petrini.

The course of Angela Petrini offers some basic tools for the realization of a botanical illustration, through the observation of plants in their environment and their specific characteristics.
No special preparation is required, however the more experienced can be guided in honing their technical knowledge by measuring themselves with the wide variety of models to choose from the blooms of the Park.

Contents: the drawing from life, the chiaroscuro, the composition; the color, characteristics of the pigments and color mixtures, the use of neutral tint; the technique of veils on a wet background and the dry one for the definition of details; rendering of the three-dimensionality and roundness of the forms.

What includes:

  • 3 nights in the hotel in full board from dinner to lunch (lunch during the course will be a basket by the hotel)
  • 2 and a half days of course from the morning of 26/05 to 12:30 ca. 28/05, dedicated classrooms, short guided tour of the Guide of the Natural Park Paneveggio Pale di San Martino approaching the local flora
  • health insurance

Registration: open for a maximum of 8 participants. Registration deadline 31/03/2023.

Info and reservations: La Terrazza sulle Dolomiti di Primiero Initiatives, Tel. 0439762525 | Mail:

Val Canali

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